Scotland referendum astrology

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Overwhelmingly remainers are left leaning, middle class, possess jobs that rely on government money and realise that out of the EU will likely make them poor. Out of the EU does not mean a hatred of Europe, even King Henry understood that, he wanted England to be seen as an individual country and not just a cash cow, in hock to the Pope and his cronyism.

Mnemosyne might have something to say about individual sovereignty and remembering who you are actually. That is the choice, to be subsumed and forgotten, or break away and renew. Thanks Eve.

Nicola Sturgeon on a second referendum for Brexit and Scottish independence

Of course, no single demographic voted entirely for one option, but insofar as we can fact check your assertions, certainly a majority of older, white, right-leaning people outside the cities voted to leave. The left leaning vote was somewhat split down the middle, and metropolitan voters were more likely to vote for remain.

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I cannot fact check your assertion that they had government jobs however as there appears to be no research on that particular demographic. I am not aware of any government employed voters citing a link between leaving the EU and future poverty, especially since the public sector pay freeze has left many of them in financial difficulty even while in the EU. I agree that out of the EU does not mean hatred of Europe, and certainly do not advocate such a viewpoint. Of course, there are many who do dislike the EU and the majority of those people would probably have voted to leave as well.

It will be many years before we are able to understand how the referendum and its effects will play out in terms of British sovereignty and independence. In a decade or more we might be able to answer the question of who holds the power. Leaving may be disastrous, or it might lead to a resurgence of British influence, but until the test of Pluto is done, we cannot predict which it will be. Although I voted Remain at the time I would not do so again. I agree with Eve that the issue is about sovereignty and not being subjects of a Franco..

German agenda which valorises unity but in which this axis acts unilaterally. Germany seems to pay for the grandiose ideas of the French from that sense of guilt about the Holocaust which haunts that country still even when not voiced.

Mercury and 23 Taurus

On Scotland. Lord Cecil gifted James Vl of Scotland the countries of England and Wales and Scotland hit the financial big time and ruled England successfully under James who was a canny man.. I mention it just to point out that Scotland dominated then as it did with Blair and Browns Labour government. Corbyn s anti Semetism and admiration for terror groups worries me much more than Boris …. I can offer no insight except to say that testing the veracity and vigour of British sovereignty in the context of the EU relationship is entirely the purpose of the transit, even if that is putting the cart before the horse.

It might be better to say that the EU question is a barometer of the vitality and style of British identity. I say style, because to a person born in the s, British identity is going to mean something very different to somebody born in the s. Similarly for right wing and left wing, white and people of colour, metropolitan and rural, English and Scottish.

Pluto clears away all the hot air and gets down to brass tacks and eventually we all get to see what is true. Interesting points all, thank you for continuing with generosity and obvious personal knowledge without resorting to a slanging match as seen in other astrology groups. I agree very much that the whole question of a Brexit has been continuously manipulated by our political masters and so the ideas that there are more than the presented ways of being with the EU have been also manipulated to whoever is in charge.

In essence whoever is in gets the mike. My personal astro take is this is where the Jupiter Neptune Pisces aspect takes hold in the political sphere, messianic, overly religious, catastrophic, apocalyptic, just a whiff of an idea that hits a spot. The rights and wrongs of which are debated, but essentially Good battled with Evil. Perhaps the Neptune in Capricorn at the time did away with clear senses of authority and history.

The British EU Referendum on 23 June 2016 in astrogeography

We cannot have a borderless world if we are being coerced into one. We cannot understand borders if we are encouraged to let go of our personal borders. We cannot be guilty and sovereign at the same time, the dynamic here is overturned and the oppressor becomes the oppressed and is kept that way for political gain. If we want to be compassionate, we need to have a stronger identity. That is not their remit. Pluto makes us see where we have been remiss in our personal responsibilities. Sorry for rambling, and thank you for your intelligent contributions.

I am 76 and feel very much feel our place is alongside Europe but not in it. NO What a terrible thought that is!

I consider myself forward thinking rowing our own boat and trading with the world. In fact I find Europe inward looking and claustrophobic. If we are going to invite visitors to our country perhaps we should start with our old colonies who gave so much for us. We need to start being responsible for ourselves and not to be told what to think by nameless civil servants. I have taken on board all the above responses and do understand the depth of feeling. Having said that level heads must prevail. Jeremy — thank you for your detailed and thoughtful consideration of the Brexit charts.

Neptune is riding high. Much pain and hardship will come from these political changes, and the people who are voting for them take no responsibility for the impact of their votes — I am not sure they even realize. But how could they be so blind to the total foulup that the Tories have made of this country in the past nine years? It beggars belief. I would be interested to know what you see in the future, both for the UK and for England. I note the Pluto Saturn conjunction opposite the Moon.

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Astrology & Tarot Speak on the Scotland Independance Referendum – Ed Augusts

Reply to comment. Really loud and fierce music. Feels like a gathering storm up ahead. No appetite? Someone on twitter seemed to think that a Britnat could still be voted as FM if they had the support of all 3 Britnats parties. Labour branch office are far too arrogant for comfort, the Tories are always arrogant. Reading this while I stop laughing at those exquisite first paragraphs.

I would like to seee a new referendum on Brexit where England votes to leave again by a reduced majority, Scotland votes to remain by an increased majority. We then get a result where the UK vores to remain just because of the Scotland vote.